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Naleng Real

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Naleng Real is a Cambodian national who works as a mission worker, translator, worship leader, project manager, trainer, and board member. Her website helps her to communicate with supporters and friends around the world to keep them updated with her ministry, financial needs and prayer and praise reports.
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Volunteer and Service Provider
Weebly, Photography, Graphic Design, WordPress
Website Creation, Website Support, Website Care Plan, Facebook Page, Logo Design, Content Writing

Naleng Real

Key Outcomes

Design, development and maintenance of Ms. Real’s website. Helped her write content for the website and helping her write her quarterly praise and prayer reports that go onto the website. Also created her logo and her Facebook page.

Project Details

Naleng Real is the youngest in her family. She has been an orphan since she was three years old. Her mother died of starvation during the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia and her father went missing during the war.  She has eight siblings, but five died from starvation during the Khmer Rouge war.

Naleng Real has served in different ministries since 1994 in roles such as Translator, Worship Leader, Sunday School Teachers’ trainer, ministry volunteer, Kairos facilitator and as a member of the Haggai faculty and board.
For nine years Naleng Real served with the Assemblies of God doing translation projects, seminars, Christian resources and bible school materials.

She has also served in WVI (World Vision International) in Cambodia for 9 years as a Christian Formation Coordinator. World Vision still connects with her for consultancy work when it fits with her field as needed by the organization.

Because of the work she does in Cambodia and in her travels overseas, she is often asked about her background and her ministry and people also want to stay updated so they know what her financial needs are and to hear from her about her accomplishments and things to pray for.

After discussing these requirements with me, I decided the best solution to address these needs was a combination of a Website and a Facebook page.  The website was created using Weebly so it is easy to support and it is also linked to her Facebook page.

I also help her with content writing – basically we have a meeting via Zoom where she discusses things like her testimonyprayer and praise reports, etc.  and then I write this, submit it to her for review and then post it to her website.

In late 2021, the website was migrated from Weebly to WordPress. This provides Ms. Real with a more modern website which is fully responsive (works well on desktops, tablets and mobiles) and ability to handle her mailing list and newsletters.

Example of some of the pages from Naleng Real's website including a snapshot of the home page.

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