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International Christian Assembly (ICA)

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I did a major update to their website using WordPress and created their Google & Facebook pages. Converted their mailing lists from Google to Mailchimp and trained staff how to send weekly bulletins & news via Mailchimp. Implemented Google G-Suite and set up emails for all staff along with document sharing library.
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WordPress, MailChimp, Google Workspace, Google My Business, PC service, Electronic Signboard, Google Forms
Website, Mailing List Management, Email Management, Collaboration Services, Newsletters, Ads, Google My Business, Event Enrolment, Facebook, Social Media, Photography, Graphics, Training, PC Installation & Setup, Remote Desktop Support

International Christian Assembly (ICA)

Key Outcomes

The church’s website was quite outdated and so, in consultation with the leadership team, I built a new website for the church. In concert with this new website, I created their Google My Business and Facebook pages. Church staff were using their personal Gmail accounts for email so I implemented Google G-Suite and migrated all of the personal accounts to their new Google Workspace service. Staff were trained on how to use this system.  Church mailing lists were on Google and Excel spreadsheets. These were all migrated to MailChimp and staff trained how to send their regular bulletins and newsletters using MailChimp.There were also a number of events held at the church and I set up the event enrolment forms (using Google Forms that were linked to MailChimp).Developed an electronic signboard for the church lobby to display various church events.

Project Details

Back in 2013 when I first started attending ICA church in Cambodia, their website was very basic and it did not have any up to date information.  After speaking with the Pastor of the church I learned more about their requirements and then I volunteered to completely revamp their website and to make sure that the weekly sermons were added to the website so they could be accessed by persons overseas and others as required.

Following the success of the new website, my volunteer work at the church also grew to include:

  • Implementation of Google’s G-Suite for all of the church  staff (and staff at some of the other church projects),
  • Creating and maintaining their Google My Business listing (that now gets over 10,000 hits a month),
  • Migrating all of ICA’s mailing lists from spreadsheets to MailChimp and training staff how to manage the mailing lists and send out newsletters, and
  • Creating registration forms so people could register for various events held at the church.

Mission & Project Display System

One other project which I did for the church, which was a paid assignment, was to create an interactive screen that was placed in the church lobby.  The screen was a large flat panel TV that was connected remotely to a computer in the church's sound room. Interaction with the screen was done by a keyboard and mouse that was set next to the TV screen.  This display was used to show special events but primarily it was used to highlight the church's mission activities and provide information on how people could donate and/or get involved with a mission activity. A very unique aspect of this project was the PC software was set up and configured to prevent, people who were accessing the display, from typing anything or doing something on the keyboard or mouse that would interrupt the display. Basically, the system was set up on Kiosk mode.

Below is a selection of the pages that were shown on the screen.  Visitors could use the mouse to click on a project or click the relevant button to go forward and backward.

The system used PowerPoint so it was easy to update the content.

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