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Get It Done Solutions is your “go to” organization when you or your business need a solutions to help you get it done and get it done right.

Our new website will be launching very soon. However, even though our website is not live yet, we are open for business. So if you need any help with websites, payment solutions, work from home solutions or management consulting, please send an email to helpme@getitdone.solutions and we will be very happy to help you.

Get It Done Solutions is headquartered in Kingsville, Ontario Canada. In addition to IT services for websites and IT support we also offer other products and services which include:

Our operations also help to support two charities: Naleng Real Ministries and Little Seed Ministry plus local churches and charities in Kingsville, Ontario.

Contact Us

For any question please send us a message to helpme@getitdone.solutions

Customer Service

To talk to an IT Professional, please call or text (SMS) us at (902) 901-5758

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