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Bringing Business & Technology Together

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  • Business, Personal or Shopping Websites.
  • Help Desk Systems & Procedures.
  • Remote IT support.
  • Systems and Procedures.
  • Social Media Campaigns.
  • Video & Animated Ads.
  • Email & SMS Newsletters.
  • CRM & Sales Funnels.
Things that I deliver:
  • Best Practice,
  • Documentation, and
  • Projects that are completed on time and on budget.
GIDS - We Deliver Results
GIDS - Excellence Characteristics
I have built an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional service, support and value for my clients and employers.
Helping and delivering exceptional solutions for those who work at home, small businesses, churches, charities, educators, and NGOs – just to name a few.

My Promise

Absolutely NO compromises in quality, service and support​

Get It Done Solutions - Canadian Owned and Operated - Since 1996

Paul HughesMy name is Paul Hughes and I am the Director at Get It Done Solutions.

I built my first website for my employer way back in 1994.  Since then I have helped to design and build many awesome websites, shopping portals, and Intranets for employers and my clients around the world.

I moved to the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2011 and started a company called “Made it in Cambodia” specializing in business and IT services for mission workersnon-profits, schools, and churches.

While living and working in Cambodia I was blessed to work with many individuals, schools, churches, and non-profit organizations – most of whom are still my clients!

In early 2019 I moved back to Canada and started Get It Done Solutions so I could continue to focus on providing awesome high quality websites and newsletter services, for a very a affordable investment, to individuals, educators, churches, non-profits, organizations and those who work at home.

At Get It Done Solutions I want to work with you choosing and implementing the best and most affordable solutions that will help you achieve your personal and business outcomes. Helping you work smarter and not harder.

Get It Done

Let's talk so we can discuss your requirements and what needs to be done to help you or your business.
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